Aronia cosmetics

Aronia cosmetics

Natural aronia cosmetics are created for complex care of problem skin: dilated capillaries, skin hypersensitivity and dryness, improve microcirculation, make stronger capillary walls and decrease of inflammatory state and swelling, delay of skin aging process. The bioactive plant substances of cold pressed evening primrose and peach oils added to the cosmetics revitalize and regenerate the hydrolipid skin barrier. Vitamin E prevents premature skin aging, reduces minor wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals. The ARONIA cosmetics can be used for comprehensive care of all kind of skin and is recommended also for the skin of problem-prone complexions: allergic changes, telangiectasias, oxygen deficiency and for the people exposed to the harmful influence of stress and environmental pollution.

Ultra Moisturizing Cream – 50 ml

Strengthening capillaries, optimally moisturizes and restores the balance. Soothing cream enhancing skin suppleness and moisturizing sensitive skin prone to irritation with fragile capillaries. The rich formula of cream containing extracts which strengthen the capillaries, restores skin balance and relieves skin redness. It protects skin against the negative influence of the environment and free radicals, reduces skin sensitiveness to external factors. It decreases the feeling of tenseness and discomfort making the skin considerably suppler and softer, enhancing its appearance.


Anti-Wrinkle Cream – 50 ml

Strengthening capillaries, restores balance and has soothing properties. The active cream with revitalizing and anti-wrinkle properties. It is designed for sensitive skin with dilated and breaking capillaries. Extracts contain strengthen capillaries, soothes and relieves skin irritation, restores skin balance, prevents the emergence of dilated capillaries and reduces redness. The changes in the skin become less noticeable and its color more uniform. Antioxidants contained in the cream slow down aging and the richness of nutrient make the skin moisturized, supple and smooth. This cream can be used daily by the people who have problem with blood vessels.


Soothing Face Makeup Remover – 200 ml

Face and eyes makeup removal, comfort and assuagement. Gentle lotion for cleansing the face and removing eye makeup recommended particularly for the skin with dilated and broken capillaries. Rich in extracts strengthening capillaries, supports defense mechanisms of sensitive skin. It gives the feeling of comfort and assuagement. Following the cleansing the skin is eased, soft and smooth. A cosmetic with natural pH safe for sensitive skin. It can be used by people who have dilated blood vessels and who are prone to allergies.


Soothing Face Tonic – 200 ml

Face skin assuagement, ideal freshening. It cleans and freshens the face gently and effectively. recommended particurarly for skin with special needs, with broken capillaries and redness. Rich in plant extracts strengthens capillaries, gives the feeling of ocmfort and assuagement. Following the cleansing the skin regains its healthy color, is supple, fresh and smoothed out, ready for cream application. A cosmetic with natural pH safe for sensitive skin. It can be used by people who have problems with dilated blood vessels and their skin is prone to redness and allergies. 


Body Balm – 200 ml

Strengthening capillaries, for sensitive skin, moisturizes and smooths out. It is the active lotion with revitalizing properties. It facilitates care for sensitive skin, with dilated and breaking capillaries. The extracts contained in the balm positively influence on the condition of skin blood vessels. The regular use of the balm reduces the redness of the skin. It effectively prevents the breaking and emergence of new capillaries. The balm perfectly conditions the skin – making it soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Rich in antioxidants, it retains the youth of the skin for a longer time. It improves tone and appearance of the skin.  


Soothing Hand Cream – 75 ml

Softens, smooths out. It is the active preparation for everyday care for the damaged and chafed hand skin and nails. It soothes skin irritation and reduces redness. This cream facilitates the regeneration of the epidermis, and the anthocyanins which it contains slow down skin aging. It intensively moisturizes and softens the hand epidermis, improves suppleness and appearance of the hand skin. Itreduces the feeling of skin tension and clearly smooths out the skin. This cream strengthens the nails and prevents their brittleness.


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