NEW! Aronia lyophilized (freeze dried) whole fruit or powder form

Lyophilized aronia is obtained from frozen berries as a result of process of sublimated desiccation. Due to special production process has all its health properties of fresh fruit and after adding water taste like fresh fruit. Many products obtained by this method are used in the army and as a food for astronauts. FD aronia can be offer organic or conventional. Packing logistic: 3 bags x 5 kg in carton box or 3 bags x 10 kg in carton box.

Other fruit also available.



Aronia frozen fruit

The aronia fruit is harvested in the best time, not too early or too late, due to maintain the optimum of its quality and health properties. Fresh fruit is delivered directly from the plantation to the freezer. Freezing process using modern technologies allows to maintain aronia fruit properties after defrosting. Packing logistic: 25 kg paper bags with foil layer inside, 32 bags on one pallet.

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Aronia organic dried fruit – from whole berries to powder 

The product is manufactured from fresh fruit transported directly from the plantation. Dried fruit is available as a whole fruit, cut fruit (fix) and grinded for powder form. Packing logistic: 30 kg paper bag


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Aronia candied fruit

Fresh fruit is directly delivered to the factory where they are treated only by sugar and water without adding any preservatives, flavourings and colourants. This product is recommended for the confectionery and ice cream industry or for coating in chocolate, added to cake and cheeses. Packing logistic: 10 kg carton box with foil bag inside, 40 cartons on one pallet.

Other fruit also available.

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Juice is manufactured from own fruit and traditionally pressed in Fruit Juice Press who posses Eco Certificate.
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Aronia Jam 
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Aronia tea
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Aronia Wine
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